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Talking about Talking New Towns

Talking New Towns was an oral history project that was run over the last couple of years. We would like to post some of the best quotes from the website onto our Facebook and Twitter - your challenge is to find your favourite quotes and write a tweet or Facebook post about it! (dont forget about the wordcount on Twitter!)

Why get involved?

  • Go on to talkingnewtowns.org.uk and have a look for your favourite oral history quotes from the Stevenage section
  • Write a tweet or facebook post about this quote (why did you choose it - why is it interesting?
  • Send the museum your post so that we can upload it to our social media!

How to get involved?

  • Accept this challenge
  • Go to talkingnewtowns.org.uk and pick out your favourite quote!
  • Write a post about the quote detailing why you picked it
  • Send your post to the museum!

Ideal Skills

  • Social Media
  • Working independently

Ideal Interest

  • Computers and Technology

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