Hour or Two

Write a Review!

Try sharing a written review of your visit on TripAdvisor! This is a great way to volunteer from the comfort of your own home and really goes a long way in helping new visitors find their way to our museum. Whether they're locals who want to know whether to visit a new exhibition, or visitors from afar who may not have heard about our museum, word of mouth is a great way to encourage people to visit.

What's involved?

  • Make a visit - you may find it useful to jot down notes or take photos for your review.
  • Go to tripadvisor.co.uk and click on the green 'Review' button.
  • Write your review and share.
  • You can even share your review on social media to show your friends and family your contribution!

Why get involved?

In our modern internet age, many people rely on reviews of places to decide whether it is worth their time to visit a location. By sharing what you thought of our museum, it adds reliable sources to people who may be unsure whether to visit or not, and it helps us understand what people enjoyed (or didn't!) about our museum. Advertising is very important in attracting visitors, and so by volunteering your time to write a review you are doing a lot to help us spread the word - making you an invaluable asset!

How to get involved?

  • Accept this challenge
  • Visit Stevenage Museum
  • Let us know what you think via your TripAdvisor review! 

Ideal Skills

  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Marketing and communications

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