Just a Minute

What's your favourite?

We want to know what your favourite objects in the museum are! Have a think while looking around the museum and when you get home tweet or facebook us to let us know what your favourite object on display was! Make sure to look hard - sometimes the best things come in small (and unexpected!) packages!

What's involved?

Look around the museum's exhibitions and decide what catches your eye the most! You can send us a tweet or facebook message about the object you like most - if you have more time, you can even write us a blog post about why this object caught your eye!

Why get involved?

By letting us know what your favourite object is, we can shape the information and fun facts that we put out on our social media pages. It also helps us know what kinds of things are most interesting!

How to get involved?

  • Accept this challenge
  • Come a visit the museum!
  • Pick your favourite object
  • Let us know what object is your favourite!

Ideal Skill

  • Social Media

Ideal Interests

  • Learning and Education
  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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